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The Hebert Wedding 11.11.11

 Have you ever heard the saying "Dreams really do come true!"? Well, our dreams really have come true! After meeting 11 yrs ago in Philosophy class, we have fallen in love over and over again. David is my best friend, and together we have been through so much. We couldn't even begin to imagine what life would be like without one another! Now, David and I are going to be spending the rest of our lives together! We are so excited to share this amazing chapter in our lives with you. Our wedding day, 11.11.11, was an amazing day, and we are looking forward to many happy years to come! We are very grateful for all of you who were able to share our special day with us!

 Our rings are pictured in one of the flower arrangements used at the reception. I have the honor wearing my Mom's wedding rings, and David has the privilege of wearing his father's wedding band. Both of these rings are very special to us and we will cherish them forever!
 Bamboo lined the beautiful landscapes of the Bed & Breakfast we got ready at before the wedding.
 The old building behind the B&B made such beautiful vintage looking photos.
 My shoes were a collaboration that I put together myself. I purchased the shoes at a thrift store for $3. They were vintage Italian shoes from the 60's (my something OLD). I added feathers to match my vintage looking hair piece (my something NEW),  I used tool from my Mother's wedding cake topper (my something BORROWED), and I added blue pendants from a bracelet that I had (my something BLUE). I love them!
 I love the blue door!
 There is something about the forest that makes me feel so at peace. The wooded area that surrounded the B&B was so beautiful.
 Lake Martin is David and I's favorite local get-a-way. We were also engaged here. I HAD to have a few shots taken out there.
 David and Clay pose for an adorable shot.
 My dress, hung inside the bedroom of the beautiful B&B, awaits it's time to be worn.
 David and I wrote letters to one another to read before the wedding. My letter made him shed a few tears! ; )
 My Grandmother loaned me a set of crystal earrings with matching necklace that were given to her by my late Grandfather almost 60 years ago. I couldn't have felt more honored to wear them.
 Clay felt extremely lucky to have 2 pretty girls around his arms! : )
The girls picked out their dresses and said they chose these dresses because they made them feel like Princesses.
 David's brother Matt, also his best man, pinned his father's military pins on his vest. They gave his wardrobe such a nice touch. He also clipped his late Grandfather's tie pin, given to him by his grandmother, onto his left collar.
 Tim, our videographer, filmed me walking down the stairs to make my journey to Lake Martin for our ceremony.
 My lovely mother and I share a moment together before it's time for me to head to the lake.
 My dad steals a kiss for the camera.
 David anxiously awaits his bride along side of the lake.
 All of the music for the ceremony was played by a wonderful harpist named Betty. I walked down the isle to "Can't Help Falling in Love" by Elvis. This song completely sums up the past 10 years that David and I have known each other. Although we've had our trials and tribulations, "Something's were meant to be. Take my hand, take my whole life too, cause I can't help falling in love with you." 
The Harp was the perfect instrument for an outdoor wedding by the wooded lake. 
It really did feel like a fairytale.
I gave the bridesmaids vintage inspired purses to match their Vera Wang gowns, and arranged flowers inside of them to use as bouquets.
My two nieces made the most gorgeous, excellent flower girls. They were quick to let me know that they threw ALL of their rose petals. Great job girls! : )
 We decided to do something a little different with David's Godson. Since we didn't want him to have to bear the responsibility of carrying our rings down the isle, we asked him to carry my bouquet down to give to his Papi. He was so excited to have such an important task!

 When I approached David, he presented the flowers to me with a big hug. It was a wonderful start to an amazing ceremony!  
 I asked both my mom and my dad to walk me down the isle since they both had such significant roles in my life. I'm the luckiest girl in the world! <3
 It still amazes us that so many of our loved ones made a huge effort to make it to our 5:00 wedding on a Friday afternoon. Words cannot even express how special we felt when we realized that we were surrounded by almost 100 of our closest friends and family on our special day. 
11.11.11 was a stellar day! : )
 During the ceremony we took time to give our mother's and grandmother's red roses as a symbol of our love for them. After we presented the roses to them, we tossed a white rose into the lake as a symbol of remembrance to our loved ones that could not be with us on our special day. We know they were there in spirit to celebrate that spectacular day with us.
 You may now kiss the Bride! 
(I think everyone thought that we would never stop kissing!)
 After the ceremony we had a few moments to ourselves to take in and enjoy the immense feelings we had at that moment.
 Notice the group of kayakers taking photos in the background. I LOVE it! 
It was a true Lake Martin wedding! ; ) 
 Me and the ladies pose for a shot! 
3 of my favorite girls on the planet!
 A group shot was almost impossible to take without all smiles. We were having a blast taking these photos. Tristan, our photographer, and Tim, our videographer, were a hoot. 
I love the look that the monochromatic green tones gave. Green is both David and I's favorite color! 
 Taking a little dip out of the water at sunset! ; )
 The photographer caught the videographer catching us as we shared a special moment by the lake as the sun was saying it's goodbyes.
 Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Hebert for the first time! 
This may have been the happiest moment of my life!
 Laura from Sweet Nothings made my delicious cake. She made each layer a different flavor. The guests enjoyed being able to experience all of the tasty flavors.
  I used my mom & dad's wedding cake topper from the 70's. 
A real special vintage touch!
David is a musician, and him and I both REALLY like cookie cake from the Great American Cookie company. So what better to have as a groom's cake other than cookie cakes that look like a guitar and an amp? It was perfect, and the best part is that we got to take a big piece home! Yay!
 Popping the champagne is always tricky when there's this many people around. Look out!
 David and his sweet mother share a mother/son dance. I'm so happy to have such a wonderful mother in law! : )
 David and I couldn't help but to celebrate after the money dance. We are so thankful to all of our loved ones who pinned money on us. 
We surely did enjoy our trip to Jamaica! : )
 I painted a large 'H' to represent Hebert, our new last name, and hung each of our initials from it. This was the centerpiece that hung on the entrance door to the reception hall.
 Candles made of Mason jars wrapped with exerts from an Astrology book set the mood for a romantic reception.
 Can you guess who caught it? 
Lacy, in purple, was determined to be the next bride! ; )
 David led a dance train, followed by his dad and many of our loved ones. It was a great night had by all!
We designed a photo booth so that our guests could leave us fun messages. 
It was such a blast reading these after the wedding. I'm so glad we did this!

 Our wedding favors were magnets that we made using clear pebbles, scrap book paper, and cut-outs from an Astrology book. We used words that we thought described us and our relationship. It's great to see these hanging on our friends refrigerators!

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